Windows 10 Tips and Tricks Secret – That You Definitely Don’t Know

This guide will help you to become a Windows 10 professionals with lots of tricks and hacks, that you have never done before in your system. I want to tell you about some such Windows 10 tips and tricks here, that you have never tried before.

Over time things around us have been updated a lot, one of which is our computer system. So most of the people who are currently using Windows on their computers are Windows 10.

But they do not know that there are many things hidden in it. Which is a working attachment in our daily life and can make our work even easier.

1. Xbox Game Bar to Record Screen

I am definitely clear that many users don’t know about in-built screen recording in Windows 10. But yes windows 10 allows you to record your screen without any external application.

And not only can you record video, but you can also record both mic and system audio as well.

You can record your screen by simply open the Xbox game bar menu by hitting one default shortcut (Windows + G) and you can also set your own shortcut by the Xbox setting. You can also set video and audio quality, show/hide recording timer, maximum recording time, and many more.

In this there are a lot of rich features and definitely very easy to use. You need to do is hit the (Windows + G) keyboard shortcut and then hit the record button to start your recording.

xbox game bar


2. Emoji Keyboard

Emojis have become more popular day by day. Nowadays we can’t imagine chatting without emojis because emojis can express your feeling with only a single tap on your keyboard.

Many people don’t know that you can access the emojis keyboard in your Windows 10, but yes Windows 10 provides easy access with only a few clicks to an Emoji Keyboard. This is one of the best Windows 10 tips and tricks.

To access the emoji keyboard you all first need to do is enable the virtual keyboard button by right-clicking on the taskbar and tick mark on the Show touch keyboard button.

touch keyboard button

Now, you just click on the touch keyboard button on the right side of your taskbar and click on the emoji symbol. Here, you can select and use all the emojis while chatting with your loved ones.

emojis keyboard

Emojis keyboard


3. Windows 10 Quick Access

Quick access is one of the best and time-saving tool for all users. Especially people know about this tool but definitely missed from some people.

The new Windows 10 File Explorer now shows you the files you used recently in the Quick Access folder. Which can prove very beneficial for you.

That I found very useful—even for the preparation of pictures for this post or article.


Quick access windows 10


4. Minimize all Windows Except the Active One

If you are multitasking and work on a lot of applications on your system at the same time and there is a problem that occurs while closing all windows one by one.

But from now you can minimize all of your windows by only shaking one of your favorite windows or in which you want to work. Yes, it can happen like magic. This is one of my favorite Windows 10 tips and tricks.

For doing this, you have to select one of your window which you never want to minimize. Just click the title bar of this window and move the window left or right quickly and boom all the windows will minimize except the active one.

5.  Shut Down Background Applications

There are a lot of applications that you are not even using, but they are processing in your background. And stay updated and even receive all data but can also suck your battery and your data, if you’re connecting via a mobile hotspot.

These apps are running in your background, which you do not even know. So here you can control which app you have to run in the background and which is not.

Just go to Setting > Privacy > Background apps and do on/off according to your work.

background running apps in windows 10


6. Turn on Dynamic Lock

If you are one of those who forgets to lock their Windows PC whenever you go away from it, then these tips can save you from such trouble.

When you do this setting, your system will automatically lock whenever you go away from your PC. This feature works with your mobile’s Bluetooth, if your mobile goes out of its range then your PC will be automatically locked.

To enable this feature, firstly you will have to connect your mobile Bluetooth with your PC then go to Settings -> Accounts -> Sign-in Option and turning on the “Dynamic Lock” feature.

Dynamic lock windows 10


7. New Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcut

By learning the shortcuts to perform different daily tasks, such as using virtual desktops, snapping apps, and more, you will become more efficient. The shortcuts to help you do stuff quicker are below.

  • Win + Tab (open Tasks View)
  • Win + Left + Up (move app to top-left quadrant)
  • Win + Left + Down (move app to bottom-left quadrant)
  • Win + Right + Up (move app to top-right quadrant)
  • Win + Right + Down (move app to bottom-right quadrant)
  • Win + Ctrl + Left or Right (change virtual desktops)
  • Win + Ctrl + D (new virtual desktop)
  • Win + Ctrl + C (speak to Cortana)
  • Win + S (view weather, news, sports, help, etc.)
  • Win + Ctrl + F4 (close virtual desktop)
  • Win + Up and Down (snap apps to top or bottom of screen or maximize them)


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