WhatsApp with New Features: You must try in 2020

WhatsApp has become one of the world’s most influential messaging networks. The Facebook platform has been passed over two billion user points since its launch and does not plan to stop. All new functions are set to grow in 2020 on the Instant messenger Platform. Which will change the whole experience for users by “Whatsapp with New Features”‘

The communication business owned by Facebook has already launched a few days ago the most requested Dark Mode feature. WhatsApp does, however, have a number of new features under review. It basically means that WhatsApp users will increase their browsing time by 2020 with Whatsapp features

Below are some of the key characteristics of WhatsApp, the most popular in 2020, on instant messaging networks.

1) Share profile through QR code

The guides for the new QR Code Link are given in another WhatsApp beta update, which allows users to easily share their accounts and attach connections through different QR codes.

When you tap the QR code, WhatsApp will then reveal the QR code after moving through the whole profile section, which could be used by other users to connect you to their contacts list.

In addition, by using the current WhatsApp camera feature, you may add other users to your contact lists simply by scanning their QR codes presents in the latest Whatsapp features.

This WhatsApp update will come sooner than anticipated as mobile app development services have long been designing this update for their applications.

2) Multi-Device Support

Opposed to rival operators WhatsApp is still notorious for launching apps very late. Multi-device support is one function that is not yet accessible in WhatsApp. The competitor Telegram software provides Multi-Device functionality for years in particular.

WhatsApp checks the Multi-Device features in order to maintain the place as the most pleasant communication network, enabling its users to search WhatsApp in several apps in one go. Nevertheless, WhatsApp has not officially announced the launch of the app but soon will be there in Whatsapp with new features.

3) WhatsApp Dark Mode

WhatsApp Dark Theme was one of the users’ most common apps. For a long period of time, WhatsApp tested the functionality. However in 2020, in both Android and iOS models, WhatsApp eventually implemented Dark Mode.

WhatsApp Dark Mode minimizes eye exhaustion by using colors similar to the settings of the program. Not only so, but the contrast and readability in Dark Mode have also enhanced by WhatsApp.

You can change the chats theme setting and pick the Dark option if you want to activate the Dark mode.

4) Introducing In-App Browser

In the past few months, if a user chooses a connection exchanged through the web, the Android beta version of WhatsApp was discovered with an in-app browser. The new functionality of WhatsApp is deactivated by default.

In addition, the in-app browser functions are being developed to detect vulnerable websites, which were introduced in Android 8.1, using the “Secure Browsing” functionality. Ultimately, when a website is compromised with some malicious material or virus, it can readily alert users, but soon will be there in Whatsapp with new features.

5) Pin important conversations

We often have one or two guys, who text on WhatsApp almost continuously. The particular communication appears to be hidden on the first page with many messages appearing on various chats.

You can pin the chat to ensure a certain chat stays on top. Click on the touch or party and click the pin icon above. For iPhone users, tap the pin icon on any chat.

6) Fingerprint Unlock

Using fingerprints, you can also protect your WhatsApp. This allows you to use WhatsApp only if you have your finger activated on your phone. To do this, go to > > Accounts > > Security settings and navigate to fingerprint lock.

In case the fingerprint authentication does not work, you should know that there is no choice to unlock using pattern before using the fingerprint unlock.

7) Boomerang Feature

WhatsApp has also been discovered to build a Boomerang function, enabling users to create looping videos. This functionality is still in the development stage and, as suggested by the article, will definitely only be available to iPhone users.

The new feature of WhatsApp is also said to hit Android users soon after iOS is released. Instagram, WhatsApp’s sibling, initially had its Boomerang app for its users, which allowed them to easily generate their own one-second video loops. The software is designed primarily to counter Twitter’s Vine, which features six-second video loop snippets, but soon will be there in Whatsapp with new features.

8) More Group Members

Previous WhatsApp permitted up to 256 members to be added to the party. In a WhatsApp party, you will reach a limit of 5000 members soon. It is anticipated that this new feature will soon come. However, when the feature arrives, there is still no official deadline, but soon will be there in Whatsapp with new features.

9) Delete message for everyone

This was one update added at the end of 2017 by WhatsApp. You can unsend texts now, which you have sent, however, a catch is open. The technique works in the past 60 minutes for messages sent, not so latest in Whatsapp features list.

Furthermore, if anyone has already quoted your post, the delete post feature is unsuccessful even within a 7-minute span.

10) Biometric Authentication for iPhone

WhatsApp has finally implemented bio authentication support for iPhone users, and after several levels of feature evaluation Android users can get this service in just a few months. Both iOS and Android allowing users to unlock their devices using their own fingerprints automatically and quickly.

In addition, the user will determine how long the device will automatically lock into the device from only one minute or 30 minutes after closing. The users can choose if the contents of their messages, which include the sender of the message, are available in the alerts.

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