7 Passive Income Ideas To Help You Make Money In 2020

For entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the everyday tasks and obligations, passive earnings have long been the holy grail of the ability to produce healthy income. Yes, you heard it right today we are going to share some such passive income ideas to you: By using some of your free time, you can earn a lot of income.

There may be some people here who do not know about passive income, so let me tell you.

Passive Income: The individual’s earnings are obtained from a rental property, limited partnership, or some other activity not actively engaged in. Or you can assume that passive income requires daily income from a source other than a contractor or employer.

Making money while you are dreaming a dream. I mean who would not want to earn money at the time when he is playing with his kid, spending a good time with his family, playing games, or enjoying the party.

I think everyone would like this but 90% of people do not do this: In this, you have to give a little bit of your time effort on your part, and you cannot imagine how much money you can earn from it after some time.

Invest your Time not Money

Before sharing passive income ideas, I would like to tell the difference between Poor People and Rich People through the graph below, which I have taken from getmoneyrich.com

poor people



rich people


Passive Income Ideas

So let’s start about passive income ideas

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very powerful way to earn passive income. This method is not very easy nor too difficult: just you have to maintain regularity to do this work and one more thing which is patience.

If you have a blog or an active website, then you will have an active audience.

Right now there are thousands of companies that are running their affiliate programs.

affiliate markrting

Simple you have to go to their website and join the affiliate program: and promote their products or services on your website. As soon as any sale completes through your website, you are given some percentage of that sale.

Believe that if you invest some of your time for affiliate marketing, then you can earn as much as you can’t think from here.

Amazon Affiliate, Bluehost Affiliate Programs These are some of the sources you can start your journey in Affiliate Marketing.

2. Blogging

If your objective is to make money from the world of the Internet, then this can be a good way. You just have to work harder and you will boom. It may take you some time, but believe me, if you are successful in this, then all your dreams will be fulfilled as soon as you play jokes.

In blogging, you will provide some content for people who are helpful to them. It can be anything like smartphones review, Car and Bike reviews, related to food, photo editing, Or whatever kind of interest you have.


In blogging, you will need some basic things like domain name, web hosting that you can purchase from any domain registrar company such as GoDaddy.

If you want to succeed in the blogging industry, then you have a clear understanding of things like Social Media Marketing (SMO), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and ability to write high-value content.

Then you can add Google AdSense to your blog which automatically overlays your blogs. You will gain AdSense money if viewers click on those advertisements. And this is not the only way to earn money from the blog.

3. Put your photography to work on the web

Do you like photography? If you do then you can convert this passion into a passive income source.

Shutterstock and iStockphoto are some photography websites where you can sell your photos. With this way, you can generate a passive income by selling a single photo again and again.



You just need to build your picture portfolio, place it on one or more picture platforms, and then your operation is inactive. The web portal handles all the technical aspects of the picture sales.

4. Make YouTube videos

This is an industry that grows rapidly. You can make videos in the field in which you have interested like – gaming, opinions, music, comedy, educational tutorials, or anything you want. Put these videos on YouTube.

Then you can add Google AdSense to your videos which automatically overlays your content. You will gain AdSense money if viewers click on those advertisements. And this is not the only way to earn money from YouTube.

5. Start a Dropshipping Store

Dropshipping is one of the most profitable online sources of passive income. Dropshipping takes place when a seller fulfills third-party orders and ships them to the consumer directly.

The retailer pays typically for the item at a discount, when dealing directly with a supplier or wholesaler; the benefit is focused on the original cost of the item and on the price at which it is sold.


You can register for Shopify to start dropshipping today. Want to know more about dropshipping click here

6. Create a Course

Another best way to create a passive income is by selling an online course. You can also sell your course on your website or on a platform like Udemy.

You have to find customers who want to learn your tips and tricks which can be like – online marketing, personal growth, communication skills, search engine optimization.

It’s up to you to find your clients. If you sell on platforms like Udemy, it will be a little easier.

7. Write an ebook

The composition and publication of an ebook is another perfect way to produce a decent amount of passive income. It might be a lot of work early on, but it will provide a passive stream of revenues for several years until the ebook is generated and distributed.

You may either sell the eBook on a website or provide it with material relating to your eBook as an affiliate arrangement.


Using Amazon Kindle and publish ebooks that meet existing needs and expertise in common niche areas.

What is Domain? A to Z Domain explanation






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