Nintendo Switch Lite Evaluation: Your Traveling Gaming Companion

The Nintendo Switch Lite has fulfilled the biggest deficiency in the Original Switch i.e. big size and actually, that’s it. By opting for a smaller sized screen and fixed controllers, Nintendo has designed something that feels much more like an authentic portable console.

The Switch Lite is substantially lighter and also much comfier for holding. It can literally and financially fit your pocket and, at $200, it’s $100 cheaper than the Switch. The significant drawback: the disappearance of assistance for TV output.


  • Light as well as comfy to hold
  • Directional pad!
  • Great battery life
  • $ 100 cheaper than the Switch


  • Missing TV output support
  • Small text is difficult to see

 Switch Lite Recap

The Nintendo Switch Lite is everything that concerns portable pc gaming and this is visible. It’s lighter, much more fluid, and much easier to play, just about any place you can think of. Nintendo Switch Lite is the most suitable alternative if you never plan to game on your TV. It’s a compelling second system for existing Switch owners.

The Switch Lite is the most attractive console we’ve ever seen, this hardware a great microsized piece. The slimmer size, brighter colors, and lightweight make it almost look like a reinvigorated version of the Switch. Your hands compulsively itch towards it and you can’t help stroking it. Once you get to hold it, it’s even harder to let go.

Nintendo intended to design something that compensated for the major disadvantages of the Switch. Despite the fact that Switch was cutting edge and possessed the ability to migrate between home console and portable modes. It wasn’t equipped to completely handle either purpose.

Being a handheld, it’s heavy and too wide, thanks to a magnanimous amount of bezel around its huge 6.2-inch display. Its Joy-Con controllers aren’t firmly affixed, since they need to be easily removable.

The original Switch feels like Nintendo attempted an awkward effort of affixing controllers on a tablet computer. While the Switch Lite is designed like a smartphone with controllers ergonomically optimized for its smaller dimensions. When it comes to gaming on the move, The Switch Lite is the better option.

Mario Racing Kart on the Nintendo Switch Lite
Mario Racing Kart on the Nintendo Switch Lite is super fun

A couple of rounds of Mario Kart, are enough to lead to the realization that the Switch Lite feels considerably tougher than its larger sibling. Those completely affixed controllers go a long way towards making the whole gadget really feel secure. Plus, you really don’t have the constant anxiety of stressing over Joy-Cons flying everywhere, if you dropped it (something that’s a common occurrence with the original Switch).

Nintendo was likewise able to make the Switch Lite smaller sized by using a 5.5-inch screen, instead of the large Switch’s 6.2-inch screen. They’re both 720p screens, but the smaller dimensions technically make the Switch Lite a bit sharper where pixel density is concerned.

The initial apprehension was that the smaller sized display would certainly make video games much less immersive, yet there was no problem diving right into lengthy playing sessions of Fire emblem Three Houses and Breath of Wild. The screen retains the brightness of the original Switch, though it’s still challenging to see in straight sunshine.

The smaller sized dimensions makes small text a discomfort. Gaming descriptions like Zelda’s were already hard to keep reading the Switch, and you’ll actually need glasses to see them. For accessibility alone, it would certainly be nice to see programmers supply font scaling choices in the future.

The Switch Lite’s controls are similar to the original model. Both joysticks still really feel responsive and swift, the triggers and top buttons are even comfier. Since they feature on a smaller case and the only downside is that the four buttons on the face have the same problems of small size and stiffness.

The significant distinction is the directional pad, which makes certain to delight fans of classic 2D games. It’s smooth, accurate, and just enjoyable to make use of. While it’s not as excellent as the SNES controller’s while playing Super Mario World. It’s certainly miles ahead of the four-button setup from the Change, which was so poor. I was forced to change it with a third-party Joy-Con that had an actual D-pad.

It seems that Nintendo focused on making Switch a do-it-all console and sacrificed usability during this process. The Joy-Cons were initially created to be utilized as standalone controllers so you can utilize them for fast two-player matches. At the minimum, it’s expected that Nintendo makes its very own alternate Joy-Con with a true directional pad. The Switch Lite (and Switch Pro Controller) proves the art of making great controllers is still safe with Nintendo.

The purpose of serving as a secondary console was simpler than expected while creating a new user account. You just login to the existing Nintendo Account and re-download the games. My cloud saves through Switch Online didn’t come immediately and users will have to manually download and install in settings. Nintendo could have alerted players about this feature because it’s logical that you may not wish to have data for older games blocking your limited storage.

You’ll also have to beware concerning the syncing of saved data between your gaming consoles. The Switch Lite will accurately upload my saves to the cloud. But when you attempt to play those games on the original Switch you’ll be cautioned about a possible conflict and probably have to manually download and install the Switch Lite file to keep enjoying the gaming experience.

It’s not something that improves the gaming experience, but at the same time, Xbox One and also PlayStation 4 owners will certainly encounter the same issues with several systems. Another point to take into consideration: it’s better to make the Switch Lite your main console if you intend to quickly play games offline. That includes de-registering your existing Switch, in case you have one, as well as designating the Lite as your primary system. New Nintendo Switch Lite players won’t have the same problems and can enjoy the gaming experience from scratch.

At first look, there aren’t any noticeable performance differences with the Switch Lite. And it contains the same hardware as the improved Switch – but the usage was pretty different. Just to provide an example, it was much easier to enjoy a gaming session on a jampacked train. Mostly because you have the ability to hold your elbows in closer without disturbing people in proximity.

As compared to the 0.88-pound Switch, the new model’s 0.6-pound weight likewise makes it much easier to carry about all day. Those numbers may not appear considerable right now, yet placed in your hand it’s immediately obvious. It’s easier to grab hold of the Switch Lite to play frequently throughout the day, just due to the fact that it seems like less of a carrying load.

It might not take a long time to fill out the system’s 32GB of memory, but thankfully, there’s a microSD card for additional storage. MicroSD is not optional anymore considering how big Switch games are becoming- LA Noire eats up 27.4 GB and Skyrim occupies 13GB as well. Nowadays You can get it very cheaply on the plus side. SanDisk’s Switch-branded 128GB card comes for only $26.

Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, there’s a noticeable improvement as battery life ticked down slower than usual. While playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, jumping around the Nintendo eShop as well as downloading games, the Switch Lite lasted 4 hours as well as 15 mins.

Comparable gameplay sessions on the original Switch typically last around 3.5 hours. It’s important to understand that the power use relies on the sorts of video games you’re playing. Nintendo has declared the Switch Lite will certainly last between 3 to 7 hrs, compared to quotes of 2.5 to 6 hours on the original Switch. The recently revitalized variation of the Switch, meanwhile, can touch between 4.5 to 9 hours.

Is The Switch Lite Wort It?

So is the changeover to Switch Lite worth it? For novices, it’s a suitable choice if you never plan to use a television for gaming. Or if you’re trying to find something stronger for young players. However, if you ever desire to play video games on the big screen, your only option is to go with the bigger revamped watch.

The options are tougher for existing Switch owners. You can buy uSwitch Lite as a secondary console as well as leaving the original one completely attached to your TV. Alternatively, you could just exchange your current console for the new version with enhanced battery life.

If you are really patient and can wait till the following year, you may be able to get your hands on the reported premium Switch. It wouldn’t be a complete surprise if Nintendo handles pressing better equipment, enhanced display and a bigger battery into a costlier design.

I thought the Switch Lite was similar to the 2DS- a stripped-down, kid-friendly variation of a more technically intricate console in the beginning, . Yet that’s an inaccurate depiction of what Nintendo has really achieved. The Switch Lite is ergonomic and also refined in such a way I ‘d never think of the 2DS. It’s currently the most effective method to play Switch games on the move, although it may be missing out on some key aspects of the Switch experience.

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