Google’s Interpreter Mode Assistant is coming to Android, iOS

Google’s Interpreter Mode Assistant is coming to Android, iOS

  • The’ Interpreter Mode’ of Google Assistant, which enables the software to translate conversations in real-time, finally arrives on smartphones and tablets after being rolled out on Google Home smart speakers and displays earlier this year. The feature began rolling to the Google Assistant app on globally compatible Android and iOS devices starting Thursday, according to Google.
  • The Interpreter Mode operates in 44 languages, allowing users to translate their speeches while interacting with people who do not speak their language. While it was originally rolled out earlier this year to the Google Home speaker, more platforms, including smart displays, smart clocks and some third-party speakers with built-in Google Assistant, have since been made available. It will also be available on all Android compatible smartphones, tablets, iPhones and iPads with the latest rollout.
  • Users will invoke Interpreter Mode by saying, “Hey Google, help me speak Thai” or “Hey Google, be my German interpreter,” according to Google. Once the mode is activated, the speech will be automatically translated and read out loud by Google Assistant. It can also display on phone screens the interpreted version so that users can interact with someone who does not speak their language.
  • Google announced plans to bring the’ Conversation Mode’ to Android and Android Go phones back in September at the’ Google for India 2019′ event in New Delhi after it was initially introduced as the Google Home Speakers Interpreter Mode earlier this year. It’s one of Google Assistant’s most useful features, as it allows people who don’t speak the language of each other to interact with each other. On the official Google Assistant support pages, you can check out the complete list of compatible languages.

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