Ideal Keyword Density For SEO 2021

Does Keyword Density Matter? What is the Ideal Keyword Density For better SEO performance? How Much Keyword Density is enough?

First of all, it’s vital to clear the definition of Keyword density. Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword/phrase is repeated in any webpage compared to the total words on the page.

So, if you use your keyword 5 times in a 100-word post, your density will be 5%. It is keyword density, which shows exactly what your article is.

In the early days of Search Engines ( 1990 ), keyword density was the main factor for rankings. One of the webmasters detected it and implemented it. Then it becomes viral and search engines started to make it a minor factor for SERP rankings. High keyword density is called Keyword Stuffing which may lead your website to get penalized.

What is the Ideal Keyword Density For Better SEO?

Every webmaster wants to achieve a presence in the search engines. Previously it was easy to get top rankings because of Stuffing but nowadays a lot of blogs/websites are rising daily. And Search Engines are generating a lot of new algorithms to refine the search results. But still, keyword density is one of the main factors of On-Page SEO and can’t be ignored.

So How much Keyword Density is ideal For better SEO Performance? I have asked this question several times during Google Plus Hangouts. So this article is the combination of answers I got and my experience with Keyword Density. Many SEO Experts say that Keyword density between 2-3% is best for SEO Purpose. Using more keywords on a website may be considered spam.

According to Webmasters/My Blogging Mates:- I discussed Keyword density a lot of times. Nearly everyone says that Keyword density between 2-3% is enough. It depends on the website niche too. But I think they aren’t saying on their experience. They are just saying it on the basis of articles they read about Keyword Density and SEO. Well, I am not saying they are wrong but they may be! SEO is all about experiments, you shouldn’t believe any facts without implementing them and seeing the results.

From My Experience:- I never accept SEO facts without implementing them on my blogs. However, I don’t try any of them on Technoupdates. Here I just write for my readers, not for Search Engines. But I have other blogs for such an experiment. I personally recommend Keyword Density of up to 3-4%. But my recommendation is based on my experience.

What Big Guns Says About Keyword Density

Matt Cutts: Hope you have already heard the name of that guy. Matt Cutts says that it doesn’t matter. You should use the keywords just to make the sense and to clear the concept.

Rand Fishkin:- Well, I always follow SEOmoz but as earlier stated that I don’t blindly believe in any tips without implementing them. Rand says that Search Engines doesn’t use the Keyword Density factor for rankings. I think that’s my experiment with my blogs which is not letting me believe in the view of Rand Fishkin about keyword density.
But he completely doesn’t deny it. According to his OnPage SEO Guide, we must use keywords at the starting of the paragraph and then somewhere in the article. So if we used keyword placement according to his guide, they won’t be there any percentage of keyword Density?

Aaron Wall:- That’s another great expert whom I follow. According to Aaron ‘Keyword Density is an Overrated Concept’. He says it matters but should make sense. And the article shouldn’t look like the robot made.

Bill Slawski:- Finally one expert is having the same view as me :D. He says that Keyword Density is a legend and will always carry its SEO importance.

Kevin Heisler:- I found one more supporter here. Kevin says that 2.5% Keyword Density is always good. No matter on what topic you are writing, but it will have a specific keyword density for any given keyword.

Brian Clark:- As far as I’m concerned for Google keyword density is a non-factor.I’m not saying the algorithms don’t take it into account; I’m just saying it’s pointless to be concerned about it. One would assume that keyword frequency matters to some extent. If your keywords and a couple of good synonyms don’t appear naturally in the body text, you’re probably not covering the subject well enough.

Best Keyword Density Checker Tool/Plugin

  • Yoast SEO Plugin
  • Rank Math Plugin
  • PrePost SEO Plugin
  • Bavoko SEO Tool
  • Add Me Tool

Final Words From me About Keyword Density

You can see nearly every expert above says that it doesn’t matter. They are not giving any exact percentage but they are forcing to say that it should look natural. According to them your keywords should be present in the article and should make sense. So they all are in the favor of 1-1.5% keyword density. Writing natural posts is recommended by Google. Again, there is no perfect percentage, but it is best to put the keyword in natural locations.

But I am still in the favor of Keyword Density more than 3%. If you want to build a brand then don’t write to get traffic, just write to get the reader’s attention.

As I have seen the effect of Keyword Density, So I will say it’s a ranking factor ( At least for my blog network ). Google changes its ranking algorithms on regular basis. Maybe keyword density is added as the main factor by them now ( Maybe ).

I don’t know you agree with me or not. But I have seen its effect and having a list of 5+ Active blogs which are having a keyword density of up to 10% in their articles and ranking on the first page.

Well, I don’t recommend so high density ( 10+ ) but don’t forget its importance while writing an article. I think I have clear my concept about the density of keyword. It’s time to hear from you. What are your views about Keyword Density?

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