How to enable WiFi calling for iPhone: Setup & Troubleshooting

All we know what is wireless fidelity is.  You know what it’s like to call. You aren’t alone if you’re not sure what Wi-Fi is and how to enable WiFi calling for iPhone. AT&T has recently launched Wi-Fi and will quickly follow suit with other carriers. In this post, I’ll clarify why you should allow Wi-Fi to call on your iPhone and important matters that must be taken into consideration when using Wi-Fi.

What is Wi-Fi calling

Wi-Fi Calling is a high-definition (HD) communication system that requires strong-speed Internet access to allow you to make and receive Wi-Fi calls.


what is wifi


Wi-Fi calling uses your Wi-Fi link to make phone calls over the web, instead of the cell tower network that your cellular carrier operates.

Setup WiFi Calling on an iPhone

Make sure WiFi is turned on, and iOS 11.2 or higher is loaded.

Go to cellular, in your iPhone’s setting.

Then select the Wi-Fi calling option.

→ “Wi-Fi calling on this iPhone” switch on this tab.

→ After this, you see a popup window then select enable.

→ Follow the directions to sign your Emergency Address and agree to the Terms & conditions.


wifi calling on iphone setup
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Tip: switch on the “Prefer WiFi While Roaming” option if you want your iPhone to call on WiFi while roaming internationally.


You Need to Know during Wi-Fi Calling

→ Wi-Fi connectivity works for audio calls and texts.

→ You have to be linked to Wi-Fi for the Wi-Fi call to function as well as the other party needs to be connected to Wi-Fi or LTE. When one element is missing, the earlier cellular channels will be included in the phone call.

→ If you are traveling abroad, you will be paying the same regional Wi-Fi calling rates as you would if you used cellular towers outside the country.

→ You dial 911, your iPhone can use GPS to try and send your location to the call center. If GPS is not available, the 911 operator will receive the address you choose when you trigger a Wi-Fi call.

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi calling

Below are several reasons why calling with WiFi can not work:

→ You didn’t have the new iOS update loaded on your iPhone. You need to have iOS 11.2 or greater.

Your phone does not support calling WiFi. You must have an iPhone 6 or later.

→ You have not installed the new carrier settings on your iPhone.

→ The Wireless call function is turned off in the settings of your phone

→ You do not have a Wireless network connection your system prioritizes network link over Wireless when the communication is good enough to make and receive phone calls.

→ To stop making or receiving calls using a cellular network, place your phone in airplane mode and ensure WiFi is on.

→ Settings for your parental controls are on. If you want to retain parental controls when using WiFi calling, go to Settings > General > Restrictions > Authorized Content > Websites and pick Adult Content Limitation.

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