Best Upcoming Future Smartphones in 2020

Best Upcoming Future SmartPhones In 2020

Best Smartphones have gone a long way, have they not? We used devices with small screens and a snail-paced internet back in 1995. After a series of cool and rapid technological developments, smartphone innovation saw an exponential rise and paved the way for feature-rich best upcoming future smartphones in 2020.

  • But what’s next in the engineering of smartphones?
  • New-age technology such as the 5G network and Artificial Intelligence provide the spice required to get excited.
  • So what will be the new competition field among the giants of the smartphone manufacturer such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Google, etc?
  • We have rounded up some of the forthcoming smartphones in this article that could revolutionize the whole 2020 scenario. Let’s immerse ourselves in without pause

Samsung Galaxy S11



There has been a lot of speculation for the 2020 Samsung phones that we expect to see around February or March early in the year. The punch hole in the screen is said to be getting smaller-following the path taken by Note 10-and it’s going to have that Auro Glow glow, but the real story is likely to be about integrated5G. Is the SGS11 only going to offer handsets running on all bands? The camera module on the back is also thought to expand-big cameras, it seems, are a thing now.

Samsung released its new advanced camera sensor in May 2019 capable of taking 64-megapixel photos at the highest resolution of 0.8μm pixels. Only capable of taking HDR and 480FPS videos at 1080p are the image sensor, which sounds very impressive. So in 2020, there are 100 percent possibilities for Samsung to use this camera sensor in Galaxy S11 and other upcoming smartphones which will be a significant upgrade from their current 12MP sensor.

Apple iPhone X Fold



le phone according to reports. In this file, however, Samsung has already defeated Apple by launching its foldable phone within MWC, one of the best upcoming future smartphones in 2020.

You can look at the fan-based rendering created on Apple’s patent foundations that looks very cool and makes us more curious about this tool. This time we should expect 50 percent more than their other high-end device, the price will be high. Nonetheless, we will wait for a clear example, nothing is official yet confirmed.

Nokia 8.2 5G


Nokia and Qualcomm, based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Series hardware, talked up affordable 5 G handsets. We know they’re coming, but we don’t know much more about what these devices are going to offer-apart from higher connection speeds.

What’s known is that we’re going to get a Nokia 5 G phone and it’s probably going to appear at MWC 2020. We suspect it’s going to be named Nokia 8.2 because it’s a mid-range device waiting to update-and we think it’s going to run the Snapdragon 765.

Samsung Galaxy F2


In 2020, we might see quite a few good foldable smartphones. It’s not just Motorola, it’s fitted with its second foldable phone called Galaxy Fold 2 even the South Koren tech giant Samsung. Samsung’s 2019 version of this phone has already been launched and is now planning for its next-generation product.

Google is designing an optimized Android OS specifically designed for foldable interfaces that are at the core of this rapid wave of foldable apps. It is rumored that Samsung Galaxy F2 has a battery capacity of 6000 mAh. Galaxy 11 with a completely bezel-less screen and Galaxy F2 with the foldable interface, 2020 will be a really fantastic year for Samsung phones to come.

Xiaomi Mi 10


Xiaomi announced the release of the Mi 10 in 2020 and shared an important detail-that it will be one of the first devices to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 platform. We believe that this means the Mi 10 will be launched ahead of the pack, likely for China in

Microsoft Andromeda Foldable Phone


Without any keys, the device has a clamshell design and can come with a stylus like a Surface laptop. It is going to be a hybrid smartphone/laptop with tablet features by folding out and a desktop by folding in half.

Microsoft is also looking to update the Windows platform for foldable phones and is also preparing several useful built-in applications for dual-screen and foldable devices to work with.

Google Pixel 5


The year 2019 will be very tuff for Google because the consumer is already fascinated by many good smartphones on the market. But Google’s Pixel 4 is made of the company’s worldwide mobile.

We’ve seen their previous series of smartphones and they do a very good job of optimizing the mobile, from the screen to the phone processors. But from past years we’re not able to see the company’s good design, but they’ve tried their best to transform their new Pixel 4 smartphone series, and this time they look very stunning in design terms.

The next device called Pixel 5 will be more modern and some serious design improvements are expected to occur.

In terms of specifications, the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 processor is expected to be available. It will come with both front and rear dual cameras, and Google phones will have the best cameras, so the Pixel 4 will be a legendary phone camera. It will be available in various versions such as Pixel 3 and 3XL, so we can expect the different screen sizes




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