Android 11 Release Date and its Features

Everything seems as if we overrun the site and the Web earlier today with tons of Android 10 details. But thinking back, the Android 11 headlines took the web and we can’t do it. We finally get the official details of the Android 11 release date which will prepare you totally for the update. Make sure you don’t know how great the changes and new properties are compared to what we previously expected!

This post was originally requested, with Android’s 11 features next and finally Android’s most anticipated map of 11- smartphones eligibility to hammer the upcoming Android OS.

The officials said the upcoming version of Android would be called numbers, and therefore Android 11 would be the ultimate name to describe to the Android 10 predecessor OS version.

Android 11 Release Date

In the first place, the official start of Android 11 will be a web event by Google with a batch of information still to be discovered.

Google has been led by the life-threatening COVID-19 to cancel the Android 11 launch party on the ground which was on 12 May 2020.

And the great revelation is that in the month of October 2020, the steady Android 11 version will start to run for qualified systems.

We understand Google’s IO 2020 takes place from 12-14 May this year, and the keynote of Google will tend to take place on Day 1 of the 3-day convention of developers.


That ensures that the release date for Android 11 is May 12, 2020. And from October 2020, all eligible phones will start rolling out the final construction.


Check the official timeline provided below



Developer Preview 1 February 2020
Developer Preview 2 March 2020
Developer Preview 3 April 2020
Beta 1 May 2020
Beta 2 June 2020
Beta 3 Q3 2020 (July – September)
Final build Q3 2020 (October)


Android 11 Features

Scrolling screenshots:- Finally, in Android with the 11th release, we’ll see scrolling screenshot assistance. This is quickly one of Android’s most expected features.

Chat Head bubbles are back:- The bubbles will make their way to massive roll-out with Android 11. Google has told programmers to use the bubbles API, so apps should use the tool once Android 11 is shipped.

Share menu App pinning:- In Android since there was a feature that users can pin their apps most often in the share menu. It has been removed, but we’ve got it on Android 11 now.




Dark mode:- In Android 11, we will see a dynamic dark mode throughout the system. Based on the time of use, this will change the device setting between dark and normal mode.

Reverse charging:- We will find the battery sharing option in Android 11, that is, future Pixel systems will be equipped with reverse wireless charging and Pixel 5 is the first of them.

Resume On Boot:- There is another new feature that comes with the Android 11 2nd preview builder, named Resume On Boot. An Android 11 device restarts every time following an OTA feature overnight.

Motion controls (for specific devices):- Google Pixel Android users will experience better and easier movement controls (compatibility from Pixel 4). In principle, lucky people can interact without touching apps. The Android 11 function is not yet fully compatible, but builders work on it.

Android 11 eligible Smartphones Brands

  • Google
  • Xiaomi
  • Honor
  • OnePlus
  • Realme
  • Oppo
  • Nokia
  • Vivo
  • Asus
  • Samsung


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